EP-DNA4 DIY Name Card 200G



5 sheets (1 x 10 cards)

A4 size 210x297mm

Have the freedom to customise your very own namecards with this DIY name card papers that are suitable for ink jet and laser printing. Represent yourself and work with your DIY name cards!


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DIY Name Card information for MS Word

DIY Name Card

Label name : DIY Name Card
Top margin : 9 mm
Label height: 55 mm
Side margin : 14 mm
Label width : 91 mm
Vertical pitch : 55 mm
Number across : 2
Horizontal pitch : 91 mm
Number down : 5
Page size: A4
(21 x 29.7cm)
  • Product Code: EP-DNA4

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  • SGD 4.50

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