MS-ARPE Aroma Pet on the go

Aroma Pet on the Go        

This palm size Aroma Pet comes with 4 designs and 4 popular 2ml aroma sprays.

# Eucalyptus  Refresh the sense    

# Lavender  Calm & soothe the restless mind

# Lemongrass  Stop the buzzing bugs

# Rosemary  Uplift the moody soul and brighten the mind          

Just spray the essential oil on your aroma pet and enjoy aromatherapy on the go. You can always buy additional essential oils from our variety of oils list. This aroma pets have many uses for you and your loved ones!

Variety of oils list

✔Hang it in the car ✔Decorate your bags ✔Comfort you at bed time ✔Or just throw it in your bag Made of high quality plush that is soft and comforting. 

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